Dental Nursing – Keeping a Record of CPD

Keeping a Record of CPD

It is of utmost importance that all CPD gained by dental care professionals, both verifiable and non-verifiable is recorded. Many registered dental care professionals will have to provide proof that they have fulfilled their CPD requirements at some point in their working lives. Failure to do so may result in being struck off the general dental register and no longer being allowed to work in the dental profession. Some people will give an annual report regarding CPD that they have gained, to the GDC and others will need to provide evidence at the end of their five year cycle. The GDC carry out an audit, selecting random dental care professionals to provide evidence, please note, proof must only be given if the GDC request it!

The information that must be recorded is specific and includes;

  • Personal details – name and registration number
  • Type of CPD – note whether CPD is verifiable or non-verifiable
  • Time – note the number of hours gained or time taken to complete a particular activity and date CPD was undertaken
  • Activity/course – name or title of course (or subject covered if non-verifiable CPD), and venue course was held at (if appropriate)
  • Provider – give details of organisation running course/activity (or source of information for non-verifiable CPD)

Each individual will find their own system for recording and maintaining accurate details of CPD that they have undertaken, e.g. some will keep records in date order, some will separate records of verifiable and non-verifiable CPD, others will divide records into subjects studied, however you decide to do it you must make sure that all required information is included.

The GDC and other dental organisations provide information and suggestions on how to make and maintain these records, but it is entirely up to each individual to find a way which best suits them.

To see an example of a CPD recording form, visit the GDC website – where a PDF download is available.

About the author

I’ve been a dental nurse for over 13 years, and have worked in various parts of the country in orthodontic practices, general dental practices, within the community dental services, for both NHS and private practices. Within that time I’ve seen quite a few changes, not only with the way services are provided, changes in laws and regulations but also with the use of new materials and more advanced treatments. The one thing that hasn’t changed at all in my time as a dental nurse is the importance of people receiving and understanding clear information about dentistry, treatments, regulations and jobs for example.


  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the information, i am thinking of becoming a dental nurse and have found the information on your blog very helpful.

  2. Dental Nurse says:

    Glad you found it useful! Thanks for your comment!

  3. Helen Cook says:

    Hello I am trying to get back onto the register as I have been off for a year I have to give 60 hrs of CPD, The only means of getting this is online as I am not in a position to go on any courses, Is it possible to do it this way? I have rang the GDC and not found them very helpful. I know I will have to pay to do this online I have to get 40hrs non-verifiable and 20hrs verifiable do you know where I can get this from a.s.a.p? I have been looking at the subjects you hold on this webpage and recording them and the length of time it is taking me, as it does refresh my memory of information used in the dental practice. Can I use this as some of my non-verifiable CPD? Any information and advice you can give me will be appreciated as it is very important to me. Hope you can help. Thank you Helen

  4. Dental Nurse says:

    Hi Helen,
    Thank you for getting in touch.
    Any information that you read that is dental related can be counted as non-verifiable CPD, so keep on recording where you get your information from and how long you spend doing it…’ll get 40 hours of non-verifiable CPD in no time!
    As for gaining 20 hours of verifiable CPD you can look online, places like ‘The Dental Channel’ or the online ‘Dental Nursing’ magazine will have CPD quizzes for you to complete, you will however, be charged for this and most of these quizzes will only give you a few hours worth of verifiable CPD. My favourite way of gaining a years worth of CPD is to purchase a CPD kit, such as ‘CPD 4 DCP’s’ or ‘CPD in Practice’ (team edition), although they are expensive, you get 10 hours worth of CPD from each, covering all the important topics, and the articles are actually really interesting, you really do learn as you go along!!
    I hope this helps.

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