Dental Uniforms

Dental Uniforms

Any member of the dental team who actually works in the surgery is required, by law, to wear dental uniforms. The dental uniform must be worn in the work premises only, must be washed at sixty degrees Celsius, and a clean one must be worn each day, all of these regulations are in place with cross infection control in mind.

Dental Uniforms – Claim your Tax!

It is the responsibility of the employer to provide uniforms for their staff, however, if you do have a job where you’re expected to buy your own dental uniforms keep all receipts and let your local tax office know that you buy them yourself, they will adjust your tax code accordingly, so that you will be able to earn a bit more money before being taxed, this is also the case if you have to wash your own uniforms, again let your local tax office know, and  your tax code will be adjusted accordingly, very rarely do they send you a cheque but in certain circumstances they do.

As the word ‘uniform’ implies it is good practice to ensure members of the dental team are uniform in what they wear at work, this doesn’t necessarily mean everybody wears the same thing, sometimes dentists will wear one uniform, dental nurses another and hygienists another, or each surgery e.g. dentist and nurse or hygienist and nurse will wear the same dental uniforms. This is a good way to show patients who is who within the dental team or a particular surgery.

One of the first things I notice as a freelance nurse when at a surgery is whether the people who work there actually look like a team, if everybody is wearing different dental uniforms it looks unprofessional, patients will notice if the team are mismatched and it can be disconcerting to them. The appearance of all team members is very important, everybody, including receptionists’ needs to look clean, presentable, professional and like a member of the team. First impressions are made within seconds so don’t underestimate the importance of your Dental Uniforms!

Personalised Dental Uniforms

Many dental practices have their own logo or particular colours that are used on all of their stationary, including appointment cards, headed notepaper, information leaflets and even websites, if dental uniforms worn by the dental team incorporate some of these colours or are embroidered with the company logo, it can add to the professional appearance a practice portrays to existing and potential patients. Another touch which is highly appreciated by patients and helps the dental team to look professional is the use of name badges, which usually include each person’s name and job title, this is another way a company logo, or use of company colours can be incorporated into the uniform. Badges are a good way for patients to feel a little more familiar with team members, from personal experience I can verify this, and it is nice when a patient uses your name, or chooses to ask you a particular question because they can see what your job role is! Stay tuned for more information regarding dental uniforms in my next blogs.

About the author

I’ve been a dental nurse for over 13 years, and have worked in various parts of the country in orthodontic practices, general dental practices, within the community dental services, for both NHS and private practices. Within that time I’ve seen quite a few changes, not only with the way services are provided, changes in laws and regulations but also with the use of new materials and more advanced treatments. The one thing that hasn’t changed at all in my time as a dental nurse is the importance of people receiving and understanding clear information about dentistry, treatments, regulations and jobs for example.


  1. Daniel says:

    In relation to scrubs as dental uniforms one of the things people often forget is that the actors in Casualty and Scrubs get their uniforms tailored, which is why they look so good, the reality is that many unisex scrubs do not look so good on most girls, unless they are designed specifically for the female form.

  2. Dental Nurse says:

    I totally agree Daniel, scrubs designed specifically for females look much more flattering than unisex ones and are a lot more comfortable too!

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